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Bill Nye Returns For 'Life And Death' Warning

'Science Guy' Bill Nye took to TikTok to make a desperate appeal to young people.

Anchor Who Ditched Fox News Joins Rival Network

One of the most hated men on Fox News has finally decided where he will be working next.

America's Most Prestigious Schools Are Suing The…

The Trump administration has been sued over new foreign student visa rules.

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Chelsea Clinton Has A New Money-Making Plan

Business Insider reports that Chelsea Clinton is forming her own venture capital firm.

Cop Suspended For 'Unfathomable' Post On Dead…

A cousin of Washington Gov. Jay Inslee who's been a cop for 40 years has been suspended over inflammatory online posts following the death of a protester in Seattle.

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6 Years After 43 Students Disappeared, Big News

On Sept. 26, 2014, 43 undergraduate students disappeared, apparently abducted by local police.

Be Prepared To Wear A Face Mask If You Shop At…

Here’s a look at almost a dozen retailers that have opted to implemented face mask requirements during the coronavirus pandemic.

For Half A Century, This Photo Was Impossible

Sequoia National Park is celebrating "an important milestone": The return of California condors for the first time in almost 50 years.

WHO Revises Position on How Virus Spreads

The World Health Organization recognized Thursday that research has shown the coronavirus can remain in the air in crowded indoor places—after earlier dismissing the possibility of such transmission as rare. The agency gave gyms and restaurants—even choir practice—as examples of places where floating particles could infect people,...

Polanco's push; Pirates RF ready to shake injury…

Pittsburgh Pirates right fielder Gregory Polanco is ready to stop tantalizing and start delivering

The plant that can count

Carnivorous plants such as the Venus flytrap depend on meals of insects to survive in nutrient-poor soil. They sense the arrival of juicy insects, lured by the plants' fruity scent, with the aid of sensitive trigger hairs on the inner surfaces of their traps. Researchers reporting in the Cell Press journal Current Biology looked more closely at exactly how the plants decide when to keep their traps shut and begin producing their acidic, prey-decomposing cocktail of enzymes. The short answer is: they count.

6 Tips for a Successful Virtual Job Interview

6 Tips for a Successful Virtual Job Interview With a number of companies still operating remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic, virtual job interviews are a necessity. Here are six tips to help you confidently take on your next video interview. 1. Be ready for you interview at the scheduled time. There’s no point in being early and showing up late doesn’t look good. 2. Get rid of distractions. Turn off any notifications and set up in a quiet, noise-free area. 3. Pick the right background. Opt for something that's simple and neutral or that displays who you are as a candidate. 4. Make sure you have proper lighting. Sit facing a window to use natural light and make sure there’s no light source right behind you. 5. Wear headphones to improve sound quality, block out distracting noises and prevent an echo. 6. Always test your computer's camera and microphone. Making sure all your tech works beforehand will prevent any mishaps from occurring during your interview.

Starbucks Changing Rules for Customers

Face masks soon will no longer be up for debate at Starbucks. The company said Thursday that customers who come inside will be required to cover their faces as of July 15, in an effort to slow the spread of the coronavirus. The rule will apply at all company-owned locations,...

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California Suing Trump Admin Over New Visa Rule…

California is pursuing a legal challenge against the Trump administration. Their controversial new student visa policy will force foreign students to leave the country... ...Or switch schools if they attend a university doing online-only instruction this fall. These new rules are in place due to the coronavirus pandemic, reports HuffPost. California Attorney General Xavier Becerra said he’s filing a lawsuit against the administration. His office described it as an “unlawful policy that threatens to exacerbate the spread of COVID-19."

Michael Cohen Back In Prison After Refusing…

Cohen had been released from prison in May because of coronavirus concerns.

Sheets of rain fall across Iowa

It was a good day to stay inside as storms brought downpours and strong winds to Cedar Falls and Cedar Rapids, Iowa, on July 9.


Trailer for 'Endless' starring Alexandra Shipp, Ian Tracey, Nicholas Hamilton, Patrick Gilmore, Zoë Belkin

Florida Sets Record for COVID Deaths in 1 Day

The number of COVID-19 hospitalizations had been increasing steadily for weeks in Florida, so health experts were pretty sure what was coming. The state set a record Thursday when 120 people died of the disease, the Hill reports. "There are the denialists who say these people are younger ... and all...

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City Leaves a Message at Trump Tower

Each of New York City's five boroughs is to have a Black Lives Matter mural. Those aren't empty words, Mayor Bill de Blasio said in a tweet , "We’re committed to the meaning of the message." And the Manhattan mural wasn't placed just anywhere: It's on Fifth Avenue in front of...

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Asian stocks sink after Wall St losses on economy…

Asian stock markets have followed Wall Street lower on concerns economic recoveries might fade as coronavirus cases increase in the United States and some other countries

World's Largest Beaver Dam Can Be Seen From Space

Beavers are known to be fastidious workers, but the ones in Alberta Canada’s Wood Buffalo National Park really outdid themselves.